Nasce BioEccellenze

By the will of three historical companies from Lazio Region, namely Caffè Haiti Roma, Perino e Perino e Biosolidale, BioEccellenze is born, with the aim to propose both in Italy and abroad artisanal quality products. This new starting point aims at strenghtening always more in future years the presence of the companies abroad by the means of a shared strategy. Such strategy is composed of a physical part, made of a constant presence at the most important exhibitions, where the new common brand can be shown, and there is the opportunity to interact with the most relevant international players; all the exhibitions will be bio-focused, and have been chosen so as to cover a wide area, from North and Central Europe to the Middle East. Besides, there is an online presence, with the creation of a multi-language website and an E-Shop to sell to consumers a real market basket of excellent Made in Italy products. In this path BioEccellenze will be accompanied by professionals, carefully selected to create a brand identity and to look for commercial partnerships.It is important to underline the fact that the SMEs that decide to associate do not lose their own identity, indeed they get enriched, because they so have the chance to organize a structured communication strategy in line with the target countries, and to be introduced abroad with a structured offer, where they can keep high the quality of their products and at the same time create a higher appeal. In fact, the idea for the future is to enrich the offer, by letting other companies join it.

BioEccellenze is a project that comply with the Public Announcement of Lazio Region called “Contributi per il sostegno dei processi di internazionalizzazione delle PMI del Lazio 2018”, linked to the POR Lazio 2014-2020. It aims at strengthening the economic system of Lazio Region by subsidizing (free grants) Projects for internationalization made by SMEs, alone or in association with other companies.